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Embedded Software

We specialize in embedded, real time applications which require discrete timing. Product designs utilize memory products (Flash, EPROM, EEPROM) as appropriate. Software is brought to the testbed as soon as the PCB is prototyped and debug completed and interactive build and testing proceeds toward a fully operational product in minimum time. This process of early testing is a significant validation of the embedded software and supports the notion of build a little, test a little to avoid integration problems and aids in the optimization process.

Software Development

CARTS personnel are skilled software engineers who have either software development background, or software support area experience. Software development expertise includes: system design, graphics design, algorithm development and implementation, coding, integration and testing, and system testing. Support areas include Configuration Management, Process and Product Assurance, Independent Verification and Validation, and Test and Measurement.

Software Services

CARTS can provide a range of services to customers in this area from complete, turnkey development projects, to assistance in each of the support areas as special efforts, or as an integral part of an overall project team. CARTS has the expertise to utilize the latest technology and tools, combined with the software development techniques and management skills, to meet our customer needs. We are registered developers for both Microsoft and HP, which gives us access to all the latest toolkits and information needed to implement complex projects.

Software Expertise

    Embedded Linux
    • Power-PC port
    • Device Driver Development

    Windows NT
    • Device Driver Development
    • Application/Driver DLL Interfacing

    • Customer specific OS

    • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
    • Device Driver Development

    • AVR

    • PIC

    • HC05/HC11
    • 68K
    • Coldfire