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Digital Design

CARTS has vast experience in Digital Logic Design and real time microprocessor embedded circuits. Ask us to supply your special purpose engineering solution. We provide Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) solutions for Mil-Std 1397 (NTDS), other Mil-Std and commercial interfaces on VME, AT, SBUS bus protocols. Designs typically use DMA, Interrupt and BUS Master modes of operation and are implemented on a range of microprocessors operating in real time environments. Each FPGA solution is validated using simulations and/or static timing analysis.

System and Hardware Requirements Analysis

We provide system analysis and engineer solutions based on functional requirements. Alternatively, we will work with your specification or help you determine your requirements for a system. In every case, our design/development approach is complete and the outcome is guaranteed.

Tools and Standards

Our designs are implemented with the use of the most modern tools. We utilize either ORCAD Layout or Mentor Graphics to support PCB layout, depending upon customer preference for product life-cycle support. All designs are fully tested with extensive use of simulation prior to fabrication. Assemblies are built to workmanship standards: ANSI IPC-610A Class 2, or to your specifications. Dynamic testing is performed on all final assemblies prior to delivery.